Community Based Rehabilitation

In the home situation

What is more beautiful than that persons with a disability are accepted in the community? That they may fully thrive in their own surroundings? We do not accomplish this by placing them into an external home. No, we consciously choose for Community Based Rehabilitation. In plain terms: rehabilitating clients in the home situation. By doing so we concentrate on five key components, derived from a matrix of the World Health Organisation:

The fieldworkers
You won’t be surprised that in our approach – care in the home situation – fieldworkers play an important role. Every day five fieldworkers go out on their motorcycles. By means of a treatment plan they coach clients, if necessary supported by experts. In doing so the fieldworker directly involves the family members, neighbours, teachers and community members of the client concerned.

  At the moment we have registered more than 2000 people with disabilities, among whom 472 children (under 18 years of age).