Linked with our activities
Bringing Nigerians into contact with the Gospel. It is an aim which is linked with our activities. Evangelisation is done simply by the Christian attitude of Elim-personnel! In various ways the Biblical message receives attention more or

less expressly.

  • Bibles are for sale for everyone at reduced prices. For clients with disabilities Bibles are available via audio and video in braille. In addition we have materials for them like DVDs with Biblical stories in sign language, instruction books with simple Biblical stories and sign language pictures, etc.
  • Personnel starts every day with a morningprayer and monthly they have Bible study. Co-workers also take time regularly for Bible reading and prayer with clients.
  • A pastor, in Elim’s service, offers clients pastoral care and maintains contact with churches.
  • Yearly we organise a retreat for children who are hearing impaired. They are allowed to bring four family members or friends to get to know the Bible better together.
  • We teach sign language to teachers of children-churches, so that they can communicate with clients. 
  • Educational material referring to social skills and sexual education is based on a Biblical vision. Schools teaching these subjects receive a Bible for children from us.
  • When questioning harmful habits, we do so on the basis of Biblical arguments.