Elim Nigeria

The Igede area
Our foundation aims at the Igede area in Middle belt Nigeria. Igede is about as large as the province of Utrecht in
the Netherlands and has about 400.000 inhabitants, spread over 235 villages.
With 45 local co-workers and one Dutch aid worker we implement our mission and vision. Our care programme is
paramount. However, we also have a guesthouse, bakery and restaurant in Igede, which enable us to generate income.

Anchored in the community
The community is drawn more and more into our care. We transfer knowledge to our government co-workers, teachers, church leaders, traditional leaders and parents. The underlying idea? The more care is integrated in the village community, and the less care is dependent on Elim, the better. 

This may seem a matter of course now, but this was not so in the past. Persons with disabilities were not even accepted. They were considered outcasts, sometimes even killed. Also because of our efforts this has considerably changed. Quite of lot Nigerians with disabilities now receive education and have work and a family.

The board of directors of Elim in Nigeria:

Sunday Adima

Sunday Adima, Director General



Mr Johnny

Mr Johnny, Deputy Director



Ellen Vreeswijk

Ellen Vreeswijk, Assistant Director