Project Advocacy

Our work: pleading
‘Literally Advocacy means ‘Intercession’. And that is what we do with this project: pleading. Pleading for changes. We do so, among other things, with the government. It is our advantage that we have built a good name as an aid organisation. Specifically we want to attain two goals under the name Advocacy:

  • Improving the position of persons with disabilities in the community by pleading for fair treatment.
  • Increase of financial support by means of lobbying with local authorities and individuals. This support is necessary to guarantee the continuity of our programme. We raise funds by means of, among other things, radio programmes, spreading information material and organising discussions with government officials, traditional leaders and church leaders. 

We plead for these changes

We call into question, among other things, the following harmful customs:
  • female genital mutilation
  • absence of a last will, which is harmful for widow and children
  • gender inequity
  • stigmatising vulnerable people
  • ignorance concerning responsible use of television
That is what we do
Advancing the changes we plead for by means of
  • interactive discussions in the communities;
  • radio programmes;
  • distributing information material;
  • creating discussion groups for vulnerable people;
  • celebrating international days such as World AIDS Day, International Day of Families, International Day of Disabilities; World Day of Social Justice;
  • creating awareness on the part of the government and society concerning their responsibility for vulnerable people.

  Every year about 20,000 information leaflets about various advocacy subjects are distributed and 150 interactive discussions are held to change harmful customs