Project Inclusive Education

To an ordinary school
There is nothing our clients would rather see than being able to live and work independently. Of course, integration into the community is of utmost importance in this respect. If we want to work on this, what is more beautiful than that children with disabilities go to regular schools? We call this “Inclusive Education”. This Inclusive Education has been approved by the Nigerian education policy.

Being together
For children it is valuable that they grow up among their peers who have no disabilities. On the other hand, their peers learn to accept them in this way as fully valued fellow-pupils.

In several ways we promote that children with disabilities participate successfully in regular education. In doing so we closely co-operate with the authorities.

  • Teachers of primary schools get training
  • Family members, classmates, villagers, members of the church community and teachers of the children’s church get training in sign language and braille.
  • We offer educational material, such as DVDs in sign language, books for children in braille, simple dictionaries and material for evangelisation.
  • Young people who are hearing impaired get psychosocial help.


  At the moment 92 children with disabilities attend inclusive education at 34 different regular schools. Of the parents questioned and others involved in inclusive education, 85 % responded positively to this approach.